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JD Glow Cosmetics Glitter Tubes

Glitter can be a magical substance that makes you sparkle like a sunbeam.  You can create elaborate art on your skin or add a hint of sparkle that will make you feel like Tinkerbell.  Glitter can also be the very bane of your existence by working its way onto every surface…forever.  There’s even a letter service called Ship Your Enemies Glitter where you can have a service send a glitter bomb to ruin someone’s day.  I’ve known two people that receive glitter bomb letters.  They were not amused.  They were pretty darn angry.    

So anytime a product comes along that promises the power to make you sparkle like vampire Edward Cullen in the sunshine yet is mess free, I am all in.  I first heard about JD Glow Cosmetics from the popular Instagram gals Dupethat.  They posted a photo of the Glitter Tubes, a new line of glitter eyeliners from JD Glow Cosmetics.  The swatches looked stunning with a huge assortment of colors.  A glittery gorgeous rainbow that didn’t budge as the gals ran their fingers over the swatches.  Glitter that doesn’t budge?  Yes please!

lipstickandnachos jd glow glitter eyeliners

Based out of Louisiana, JD Glow is a newer, cruelty-free brand that launched in 2015.  They offer a variety of products from lipsticks to highlighters to eyeshadows.  Dupethat had a 10% off discount code to be used on JD Glow’s site so I headed on over to purchase the glitter tubes as I knew they would most likely sell out quickly.  Since I was looking to purchase the day the tubes became available, quite a few of their colors were already sold out.  I chose three colors to try out:  Dreams – an aqua blue, Purple Moon – a berry purple with blue undertones, Glass Slipper – a cool tone gold.

lipstickandnachos jd glow glitter eyeliner

I’ve previously used glitter liners from Urban Decay.  At $20 a pop, the Heavy Metal Liners worked well but they are pricy.  Both brands provide 0.25 oz. of product.  So at $8.50 per tube, if the JD Glow liners could perform as well as Urban Decay’s, that would be just lovely.  The glitter glue is combined with the glitter in the tube and includes a very fine brush applicator.  Because the glue is already mix in, you don’t need to use a glitter primer.  Yes!  No more sending glitter flying across the room with my clumsy hands.

lipstickandnachos jd glow glitter wand

When you receive the tubes, you may notice some of the product appears to be separated.  Don’t panic, it’s totally fine.  Just swirl the applicator gently to mix the glitter and glue together.  Since the brush is so fine, I needed to dip the brush numerous times into the tube to build up the desired amount of glitter.  The thicker you apply the liner, the longer it will take to dry.  This is not a slap on and go liner.  It will take a few minutes to fully dry.  Once it dries, it is transfer-proof.  If you have hooded eyes (eyelids that hang down lower to your lash line) you will need to experiment with what application works for you.  If you are wearing eyeshadow, it may transfer onto the eyeliner dulling the appearance of the glitter.  Also, if you do not allow it to fully dry, you could blink and transfer the liner to your crease or upper lid.

lipstickandnachos jd glow glitter swatch

I did notice a slight inconsistency in texture between the three different colors.  The gold shade in Glass Slipper had a fluid texture that applied super smoothly and took slightly longer to dry.  The purple shade in Purple Moon was a bit thicker in texture and I had to dab it on to avoid it becoming chunky.  The aqua blue shade in Dreams applied a little smoother than Purple Moon yet still was slightly thicker to Glass Slipper.  I am assuming it is based on the amount of glue to glitter added to each tube.  Even with the texture inconsistencies, each shade was long lasting and stayed on all day without cracking or flaking.



The Glitter Tubes will be replacing my Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liners.  Hmmm…spend $8.50 for a similarly performing product that costs $20?  Yes, I think I will.

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