Stay Cool August Glossybox

As I mentioned in my August Ipsy post, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of autumn.  I'm working on fending off a cold along with an autoimmune flare.  Summer colds are particularly annoying because you're usually battling the heat while trying to break a fever.  It's total hot garbage juice!  I was in a prednisone… Continue reading Stay Cool August Glossybox

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JD Glow Cosmetics Glitter Tubes

Glitter can be a magical substance that makes you sparkle like a sunbeam.  You can create elaborate art on your skin or add a hint of sparkle that will make you feel like Tinkerbell.  Glitter can also be the very bane of your existence by working its way onto every surface...forever.  There’s even a letter… Continue reading JD Glow Cosmetics Glitter Tubes

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Ipsy May Glam Bag

I have a tendency to place online orders and forget what I ordered.  I know it’s not only me who has done this.  Admit it!  Brown or white boxes arrive and I have no idea what the contents are before I tear it open.  You’ll then hear my screaming “Ahhhhh!  I forgot I ordered this… Continue reading Ipsy May Glam Bag

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Colourpop Spring Collection

Oh la la!  The days are getting a little bit longer.  The sun is shining a little bit more.  That's right.  It's Springtime and it's time to kick your vitamin D deficiency in the arse by soaking up some rays and getting ready for leg-shaving weather!  It's also the time to slap on some bold… Continue reading Colourpop Spring Collection