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June Boxycharm

Bonjour Boxycharm!  How I missed you.  I adore this subscription service so much that it feels  like moths until my next one box arrives.  As per usual, I couldn’t wait to find out what surprises Boxycharm had up their sleeves so I snuck a peek on social media to find out what they were sending out.  And whoa doggy was I super stoked!  June’s theme was Downtown Charm.  It may be in the first days of July but keep scrolling to check out the luscious goodies I received this month from my beloved Boxycharm subscription.

Incase you’ve never heard of Boxycharm, it’s a luxury beauty subscription service for $21 per month or less if your purchase multiple months up front.  You’ll receive 5-6 items in each box and at least 4 of them will be full-size.  Each box is usually valued at a minimum of $100 which is just awesome.  They ship to the US and Canada.  Check out Boxycharm here.

boxycharm june 2017 all products

Artist Couture:  Diamond Glow Powder in Illuminati

Value:  $26.99

Holy mackarel!  This is one powerful highlighter!  I had seen many rave reviews for a while about Artist Couture’s magical powder so I was pretty excited to give it a whirl.  The powder is super finely milled and blends like a dream.  Upon swatching, you’ll notice teeny tiny flecks of glitter but when applied to the skin, it doesn’t appear chunky.  A little bit of this product goes a long way.  If you go in with a slightly heavy hand you’ll be sure to have your highlight seen from Jupiter.  It that has reflective particles that catch the light for the perfect glow.  It blends effortlessly, doesn’t emphasize fine lines and is long lasting.  I also tried applying it on my eyelids and it added a beautiful sheen.  Check out Artist Couture here.

boxycharm june 2017 artist couture illuminati

boxycharm june 2017 artist couture illuminati swatch

Luxie Beauty:  Rose Gold Pro Precision Tapered Face Brush 640  

Value:  $24.00

I have quite the collection of Luxie Beauty brushes and they are some of my absolute favorites in my brush collection.  Not only are they made from high quality materials but they are beautiful as well.  Oh!  And if you are a fan of Wonder Woman, check out their gorgeous limited edition Wonder Woman collection here.  Luxie Beauty makes cruelty-free vegan brushes.  The Pro Precision Tapered Face Brush is perfect for dusting off excess powder, highlighting or  “baking”.  I personally do not “bake” as my mid-thirties skin can’t handle much setting powder without making my skin look cakey.  No thank you!  So I gave this brush a try with applying the Diamond Glow Powder.  While I usually use a brush with smaller bristles to apply a highlight, this brush’s bristles are tapered at an angle that easily blended the product on my skin.  Check out Luxie Beauty here.

boxycharm luxie beauty brush

Ofra Cosmetics:  Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick  in Tuscany  

Value: $19.90

Ofra has one of the more comfy matte liquid lipstick formulas on the beauty market.  While this lipstick is not completely transfer-proof, it is long wearing.  Some matte liquid lipsticks dry your lips out to wear it feels like you glued cardboard to your lips.  Ahhh, just what everyone wants.  Crusty desert lips!  Well, luckily you won’t run into this problem with this lippie.  You’ll notice a light scent of vanilla frosting that dissipates when applied.  Its texture is similar to a lip cream and dries down to a matte finish.  Tuscany is a beautiful mauve-red shade.  Check out Ofra Cosmetics here.

boxycharm ofra lipstick tuscany

Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 5.27.54 AM

Photo Source:  Boxycharm

RealHer Cosmetics:  Eyeshadow Palette II   

Value:  $28.00

I’ve tried some of RealHer’s lip products previously and liked their formulas so I was eager to try their eyeshadow palette.  While this palette is available in three different shade combinations (I, II or III), I received shade combination II.  A mix of matte and shimmer shadows from light shades of ivory to rich chocolate browns fill the palette.  I noticed a lot of kick up when I dipped my brush in the shadow so make sure you tap the excess off of your brush to avoid any fallout.  These shadows provide decent pigmentation and that has buildable coverage.  The product blends easily but since it is a softer formula, I did experience some fallout.  After wearing the shadows for 8 hours, I noticed minimal fading and no creasing.  All in all, I feel that this is a handy palette to have on hand to create everyday neutral looks to a chocolatey smokey eye.  Check out RealHer here.

boxycharm realher eyeshadow palette.jpg

boxycharm realher eyeshadow palette ii

boxycharm realher eyeshadow swatches 1boxycharm realher eyeshadow swatches 3boxycharm realher eyeshadow swatches 2

Biobelle Cosmetics:  3 Sheet Masks  

Value:  $14.97

A few months ago I upped my sheet mask usage from once a week to everyday.  What a game changer!  I suffer from the annoying problem of dry skin.  As I’ve hit my mid-thirties (I’m still in denial about this), I have found that my skin has become more dry and more sensitive.  Even the tears that I cry wallowing in self-pity from aging can’t quench the thirst that my skin craves.  So I turn to skincare to give it the boost it needs.  I’ve tried many different brands of skin masks.  Some have essence formulas that irritate my skin.  Some have sheets that are cut in such odd shapes that it barely fits on my face.  But these lovely Biobelle masks are fantastic.  

Boxycharm sent three different masks to try and each of them worked out smashingly.  These masks are made with Tencel fibers that cling to all parts of my skin while delivering antioxidants and moisture.  With daily use of masks, I’ve noticed my skin feels and appears more hydrated and the texture is even slightly smoother.  One of the masks included is intended to be used before applying makeup as a primer.  My oh my!  Using masks before your makeup application really does change how your products apply.  My skin felt dewy and my makeup blended more easily.   Check out Biobelle Cosmetics here.

boxycharm biobelle masks

Well, what can I say?  Boxycharm had another stellar month.  The value of this box is around $114.  Flipping fabulous!  



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