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Gimme My Boxycharm!

boxycharm july pug screaming post

Yippee Skippee!  It’s Boxycharm time again!  I once again became a secret stalker, scouring social media to sneak a peek at each of the spoilers as they emerged from week to week.  This month’s Cutie Pie box was another spectacular curated mix of products.  It feels like Christmas in July!  This box is valued at around $130!  Say what?!  Yeah…that’s right!

boxycharm july 2017 all products


Incase you’ve never heard of Boxycharm, it’s a luxury beauty subscription service for $21 per month or less if your purchase multiple months up front.  You’ll receive 5-6 items in each box and at least 4 of them will be full-size.  Each box is usually valued at a minimum of $100 which is just awesome.  They ship to the US and Canada.  Check out Boxycharm here.

Here’s what Boxycharm charmed me with this month:

Blinc Electric Eyes Palette

Value:  $45.00

Holy moly!  I had seen swatches of Blinc and Boxycharm’s collaboration palette on Instagram.  Sometimes you’ll see swatch photos where the person most likely dipped their finger in the product and kept applying it to their arm and it looks much more pigmented than it really is.  A total ruse!  You then get your paws on the eyeshadow and it doesn’t look anything like the gorgeous photo on Instagram.

handsome fred you lie meme

Our cat Handsome Fred

So I was beyond stoked when I swatched Blinc’s shadows on my arm and they were some of the richest and most pigmented eyeshadows I have ever tried.  The texture is smooth and buttery and allows you to build the most divine amount of color on your lids.  These shadows hit all the marks with longevity, pigmentation and texture.  For such a richly pigmented formula, there was less fallout than I was expecting.  This will be a new favorite used in my normal rotation for sure.

lipstickandnachos blinc eyeshadow palette.jpg

boxycharm july 2017 blinc eyeshadow palette detailboxycharm july 2017 blinc eyeshadow swatches

Ofra Body Illuminizer in Charmer

Value:  $39.95

As I mentioned in previous posts, I am one fair lady.  And I’m not talking about the Audrey Hepburn movie.  My skin is fair with sporadic freckles and some creepy spider veins.  I’ve often hated baring my glow in the dark legs during the summer for fear of blinding others.  While I’m pretty pale, I am able to get pretty tan.  There was a time many moons ago that I used to sit out in the sun and bake my skin.  I would skip the SPF all together.  A thought now that horrifies me not only from a health perspective but also from an anti-aging perspective.  As fabulous as the sun is, it can be a damaging bugger.  So nowadays I always, and I mean even if I’m only going outside for three minutes, always coat my skin in SPF.  But I miss having a sun kissed glow in the summertime.

Ofra’s Body Illuminizer is gives the perfect kiss of glow to your skin.  I’ve tried other body illuminizers that end up looking a tad oompa loompa orange.  Or even better yet, the product ended up rubbing off on furniture and clothing leaving a stained mess.  Ofra’s illuminizer provides a hint of bronze color along with a subtle shimmer that mimics being out in the sun.  It helps to hide skin imperfections without looking like a mask.  I also love that it stays put and doesn’t transfer easily to other surfaces where you are stuck with an embarrassing fiasco.

boxycharm july 2017 ofra body illuminizer

boxycharm july 2017 ofra illuminizer swatch

bareMinerals Prep Step Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Mineral Shield Daily Prep Lotion

Value:  $30.00

Yeeeeeeeees.  As I mention at an annoying level, SPF is one of the most crucial products that you should be wearing every single day.  I always use an SPF on my face that is specifically labeled to be used on your face.  Sunblocks that are marketed to be used all over the body often work well everywhere with the exception of your face.  You might have found that your face has broken out at times from using a traditional sunblock.  No, That’s why it’s important to use an SPF such as bareMinerals’s Prep Step Lotion.  This lotion provides UVA and UVB protection while also functioning as a primer.  You can wear it alone or under makeup.  I didn’t find it to be greasy and it did not cause my skin to breakout.  I love that it’s an SPF of a 50 which provides stronger protection than the typical SPF of 30 that you often find in face sunscreens.  Come on.  Don’t you want to put off the wrinkles a little bit longer?  Tell Father Time to back off and toss on some SPF.

boxycharm july 2017 bare minerals prep step

Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip in Thursday

Value:  $6

Ahhhh…my beloved Colourpop.  Anytime I see a Colourpop goodie coming my way, I’m a happy bunny.  I wrote a more detailed review about the Colourpop Spring Collection, including my thoughts on their Ultra Matte Lip formulas.  You can read all about it here.  Thursday is a rich berry shade is one of those colors that will make your teeth look brighter while staying put for hours.

boxycharm colourpop ultra matte lip

boxycharm july 2017 colourpop ulta matte swatch

Winky Lux Uni-Brow Universal Eyebrow Pencil

Value:  $12.00

I’m already a fan of the brand Winky Lux.  They create high quality products in beautiful and fun packaging.  You may have seen photos of their pill-shaped lipsticks floating around Instagram.


Image Source:  Winky Lux

Winky Lux’s Uni-Brow touts that its universal eyebrow pencil formula can work on 95% of brow shades.  I have black hair so universal pencils are often not dark enough for me.  But this pencil had buildable pigmentation that allowed me to build up enough product that still looked natural.  It has a high wax content which is nice to help keep your hairs in place while filling in bare areas.  The tip is the triangular shape and there is a spool brush on the other end.  Use your spool to help blend product for a natural finish.  It’s long lasting and stays in place.  Don’t let your brows look like a hot mess on a hot summer day.  Get your brows together.

boxycharm july 2017 winky lux eyebrow pencil openboxycharm july 2017 winky lux eyebrow pencil tip

Boxycharm continues to be one of my favorite beauty subscription addictions.  Treat yo self and jump on the Boxy train!



4 thoughts on “Gimme My Boxycharm!”

  1. I got the Ofra illuminizer too! I’m glad to hear it’s subtle, can’t wait to try it now. I got a Bare Minerals powder though. There was a lot of variation with this box, which is kinda fun.


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