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Colourpop Spring Collection

Oh la la!  The days are getting a little bit longer.  The sun is shining a little bit more.  That’s right.  It’s Springtime and it’s time to kick your vitamin D deficiency in the arse by soaking up some rays and getting ready for leg-shaving weather!  It’s also the time to slap on some bold pastels and Colourpop delivers with their Spring collection.  Whether you’re a fan of soft pastels or electrifying hues, you’ll surely get your fix for your vibrancy craving.

Colourpop Cosmetics is a brand based in Los Angeles that is beloved by the masses.  They’ve only been around since 2014 but have made quite a name for themselves.  I’ve been shopping with Colourpop since 2015 and they have become one of my favorite brands.  From makeup enthusiasts to celebrities, you will often hear fans of the company gushing over their affordable yet quality products.  Take advantage of their bundle deals as a way to save some extra dough.

In the past, Colourpop offered the uniquely formulated Super Shock Shadows, highlighters and blushes as singles.  However, now they’ve expanded into pressed powder formulas as well.  As soon as I saw the new products gracing the lovely lids and cheeks of some of my favorite makeup artists, I knew I had to give the new offerings a whirl.  I grabbed a small sampling of the new Spring collection, though I plan to get my hands on more shades before they disappear!

Here’s what I snagged from the Spring collection:

colourpop spring collection all.jpg

Think Pink Shadow and Lipstick Kit

The Think Pink Shadow and Lipstick Kit will cost you only $30 ($38 Value) and you will receive the Belle of the Ball pressed powder palette as well as the Mixed Finish Lip Collection.

Belle of the Ball Powder Shadow Palette

colourpop belle of the ball palette

The shadows are soft, smooth and blend easily with minimal fallout.  You’ll receive three matte shades and one metallic.  The mattes have a nice buildable formula that has fabulous color payoff without creasing or fading.  On the Fence, the metallic shade, layered and blended easily on top of the mattes and also blended well without another formula underneath.  It added a luscious pop of shimmer to the corner of my eyes.  As with any shadows, I applied a shadow primer prior to application.  

The packaging is adorable and covered with metallic stars.  Even though the palette is relatively inexpensive, the packaging feels well made.  One minor complaint that I have is that the names of the shadows are printed on the outside cardboard sleeve of the palette but not on the palette itself.  I’m hoping that Colourpop changes this in the future since it is a tiny pain in the tush.  If you want to purchase the palette alone, check it out here.

colourpop belle of the ball swatches.jpg

Mixed Finish Lip Collection

colourpop spring liquid lipstick 1 copy

Ultra Matte Lip in Fresh Cut – A pink shade with blue undertones.

As I wrote above, I’ve been a fan of Colourpop for two years.  Once I saw an affordable option for matte liquid lipsticks arrived on the market, I started what felt like a stockpile of their products.  There seems to be two types of lippie people in this world: those who love a matte finish or loathe it.  For me, I’m a fan of matte.  In my early twenties, I would purchase the early versions of matte liquid lipsticks by various drugstore brands.  You know the type, the color lipstick on one end of the tube and a clear gloss or balm on the other end.  I loved the longevity and the finish of these lipsticks…until they made my lips feel and look like the Sahara Desert.

Companies have come leaps and bounds in the formulas with matte liquid lipsticks with both comfort and color options.  But I’m just going to say it.  Matte lipsticks, no matter what brand, are most likely going to be at least somewhat drying to your lips.  Yes, of course, there are brands out there that have some pretty comfy formulas (Girlactik Cosmetics, Dose of Colors, theBalm Cosmetics) but expect to pay more.  I go into purchasing any matte formula expecting that I will probably be feeling like my lips are a little parched.  I’m ok with that.  I realize some people will run for the hills from anything remotely drying and I understand that too.  With all that said, I do find that for a $6 matte liquid lipstick, many of the colors in Colourpop’s collection are pretty comfortable.  I have found inconsistencies based on color where some colors are more drying than others.  

In addition to the moisture level of a matte liquid lipstick, be aware that a color may dry down darker on your lips than another person’s.  It’s just the way it goes.  The ultra matte lips are transfer proof and long-wearing.

Ultra Satin Lip in Chandelier – A pinky-salmon shade.

Ahhhh!!!  My new favorite formula!  The Ultra Satin Lip formula dries down almost to a matte finish yet is pretty comfy.  Lately, I’ve been tending to reach for the Ultra Satin Lips more than the Ultra Matte Lips.  These liquid lipsticks are just as opaque as the matte formula yet dry down to a near matte finish that is comfortable.  Even though these aren’t transfer-proof, they are very long-wearing and require few re-applications.

Ultra Glossy Lip in Curtsy – A warmer pink shade that has a creamy finish with a pop of shine.

Even though I paint my lips in matte hues, Summer is fast approaching and I know I’ll be longing for dewy skin and some shine on my kisser.  This formula is slick and hydrating without feeling sticky.  It provides a semi-opaque color that is perfect for layering on top of the liquid lipsticks or pretty enough to wear on its own.

colourpop spring lip swatches

Blow Me Away Pressed Powder Palette

colourpop blow me away palette

The Blow Me Away Palette will run you $18 and is packed with subtle to electric peachy shades.  It includes:  Centerfold and Slim fit, two vibrant mattes.  Issues, a soft pastel peach that is a great transition shade.  Take a Break, a duochrome peach with a touch of gold.

These colors are stunning and you can create such a fresh pop of color that’ll have you dreaming of lounging by the pool and reaching for a Sangria.  These swatches don’t do justice to the kerpow! of color that these shadows provide.

colourpop blow me away swatches

Super Shock Shadow in Flipper

colourpop flipper package.jpg

Oh.  My.  Word.  This is one of my new favorite shadows…ever.  And it will only set you back 5 bucks.  Flipper is a gorgeous tangerine shade with a metallic finish.  While it is packed with glitter, the Super Shock’s unique formula is not quite cream and not quite powder so you won’t experience fallout.  I pat this puppy on my lids with my my fingertips, sponge or brush.  For the most color impact, use your fingertips.  Grab Flipper while it’s still around.  Your lids will thank me.

colourpop flipper swatch

Overall, this new collection is perfect for Spring and Summer.  Slap on some color, grab a Sangria and some nachos and snack in style.  Colourpop is notorious for doing limited runs of colors so I always recommend grabbing products quickly so you won’t miss out on a potential favorite.  Happy colourpopping!

colourpop spring packaging

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