Halloweenie Sugar Skull Makeup

MUUUUUAHAHAHAHA!!!  It’s that spooky time of year!  Are you a fan of Halloween or are you a goblin Grinch?  Like so many other makeup enthusiasts, I get super stoked to see all the creepy, magical and adorable makeup creations that float around on social media this time of year.  You can get crazy inspired and even a little intimidated by the immense talent.  But always remind yourself that it is just makeup and you should just have fun with it.

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I am playing around with some Halloween makeup looks and sharing them just in a nick of time before Halloween.  Even though these looks take me forever and a day to apply to my face, the payoff is worth it when I get to see the end result.  I deal with some health issues which cause my hands to tremor so I have to use little tricks to help myself with the application.  I use a boat load of washi tape to create guides and stencils.  I also use micellar water for the many unintended smudges and mistakes that repeatedly occur.  Halloween makeup looks often are pretty forgiving when it comes to “mistakes” since so many looks involve smudges and harsh shadows that could result in your mistake looking like it was intentional.

So here you go!  My first Halloween look this year is a cartoony take on a Sugar Skull.  I unintentionally over-exaggerated the eye sockets that it reminds me a bit of a Tim Burton character.

Sugar Skull Makeup Halloween Lipstick And Nachos 2

Many of the colors applied are Inglot’s AMC Gel Eyeliners which are amazing.  The entire black portion of my eyesockets was filled with the liner which created a perfect matte base that allows other products to be layered easily on top without smudging.  I then applied some shimmery shadows on the bottom portion of the sockets from the Juvia’s Place Masquerade Palette to create a little bit of reflection.

I also blocked my eyebrows.  What the heck is blocking your eyebrows?  It’s when you want to make your eyebrows disappear without shaving them off.  And why in the world would you want to do away with your eyebrows?  Well, if you are doing a specific makeup look where you want your eyebrows in a different place on your face, or if you want to look like you have no brows all, you need to create a smooth surface to apply makeup on top that resembles your skin.

To block your brows, grab an Elmer’s glue stick and a spoolie brush.  Brush the hairs in an upward position and then apply the glue to your brows to hold them in place.  Next apply powder to set the glue.  Then apply a generous amount of concealer, followed by foundation.  If you are doing special effects makeup, skip the concealer and foundation and apply the makeup you will be using.

Sugar Skull Makeup Halloween Lipstick And Nachos 1

I tied the whole look together with a fun pink wig that you can find on Amazon.  The wig’s quality is fantastic for the inexpensive price.  You will need to fiddle around with the crown of the wig to avoid seeing the netting that holds the hair.

Are you dressing up for Halloween this year?  Comment below to let me know what your costume is going to be.  Make sure that whatever you do….be sure to scarf down lots of candy and goodies this week.  Halloween week isn’t Halloween without stomach aches and cavities.

Stay tuned for more Halloweenie looks!

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