Morticia Addams Makeup Transformation

Only a couple of days left until Halloween!  I’ve been told for years that I look like Anjelica Huston and Cher, so it was a no-brainer that I needed to attempt to transfer myself into one of those fabulous ladies.  Here is my take on the amazing Anjelica Huston as the saucy goth Morticia Addams.

Morticia Addams gif lipstickandnachos

I had purchased a wig that was giving me some sass and refusing to give me any volume so with the help of the always trusty Photoshop, I used a shot of Anjelica’s hair as a digital wig.

Using a selection of products, this look was fairly easy to achieve.  The key to making this transformation successful is blending like your life depends on it!

Morticia Addams Family Anjelica Huston lipstick and nachos

I once again blocked my eyebrows by using a glue stick and powder to smooth the surface.  Anjelica’s eyebrows are a tad higher above her eyelids than mine so I drew on my brows slightly above my own.

I slapped on some NYX white SFX Cream Color all over my face and neck and set it using Makeup Revolution’s Ghost Powder.  I then used a mix of eyeshadows from Melt Cosmetics, Makeup Geek, Colourpop and NYX.

Then I topped off the look with a red matte liquid lipstick from Dirty Little Secret in the shade Phantom.

I am digging doing these looks so much that I plan to continue creating some fun and crazy makeup transformations as often as I can.  Stay tuned!

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