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Boxyluxe is Here

Boxyluxe Boxycharm December 2018 lipstickandnachos blog.jpg

It’s finally here!  My long-awaited Boxyluxe has arrived and is the gift to myself that I didn’t know I needed in my life.  The holidays are over and so are my days that consisted of staring at twinkle lights, filling my room with the fragrances from holiday candles and consuming large amounts of chocolate.  Actually, I am still doing all of those things.  My twinkle lights stay up all year long, I burn candles daily that smell like balsam and I am still shoveling any chocolate that I can get my paws on into my mouth.  Due to my slight obsession with Lindor milk chocolate truffles, I often end up whispering to myself “Just one more…” until I reach into an empty bag.  This tragic turn of events often ends up with me hoping that one rogue truffle fell out onto the floor.  I once spent five minutes irrationally searching under the bed for the “lost” truffle only to be disappointed and humiliated that I had eaten every darn piece.  It was not my finest moment.

Inbetween binging on chocolate deliciousness, I received an e-mail that I had been removed from the waitlist and my Boxyluxe was on its way.  Woo hoo!  In the chance you missed my previous posts, Boxycharm recently added an optional upgrade service called Boxyluxe. For an additional $28.99, billed once every three months, you will receive a huge box containing products with a value totaling at least $250.  If you aren’t interested in the super duper deluxe Boxyluxe, the original Boxycharm for $21.00 per month is a pretty fantastic treat for yourself as well.  Either way, you can’t go wrong.

Check out the detail on Boxycharm here.

Boxycharm Boxyluxe Info

Because I am the least patient person ever when it comes to subscription boxes, I began scouring Instagram and YouTube to see what would be included in the box.  My eyes nearly bugged right out of my head when I saw the amount of products that would be included in the box.  With a total box value of over a jaw-dropping $340, this is the most excited that I have ever been for a subscription box!

Here’s what I snagged in my first Boxyluxe!  (WARNING:  This post is crazy long.  Grab a snack and a beverage of your choice):

Luxie Rose Gold Complete Face Brush Set

Value:  $65.00

Find it here.

boxyluxe boxycharm luxie brushes complete face set full lipstickandnachos blog

Luxie brushes have been popping up in Ipsy and Boxycharm subscriptions for quite some time now.  Do a quick “Luxie brush review” search on YouTube or Instagram and you will quickly find that their brushes are beloved by the masses.  And I would have to agree that Luxie’s brushes are the bee’s knees.  Not only are their brushes cruelty free and well-made, but they are also so darn pretty.  After repeated use and cleanings, I have never experienced any shedding.  Their synthetic bristles are so soft yet packed perfectly.

But…….but…………..BUT!  Just look at the size of the set that was included in December’s Boxyluxe!  The Complete Face Set includes 8 versatile brushes that can be used to create a full face look.  I love that a lip brush is included that can be taken with you on the go for perfect lip product application.  The brushes are in Luxie’s pastel pink signature shade.  I love to group them together and display them in vintage milkmaid glassware.  I look forward to my collection growing, and growing…and growing.

boxyluxe boxycharm luxie brushes complete face set 2 lipstickandnachos blog

boxyluxe boxycharm luxie brushes complete face set 3 lipstickandnachos blog

Complete Face Set Brushes:

  • Luxie 532 Round Top Blender
  • Luxie 522 Tapered Highlighting
  • Luxie 680 Pro Precision
  • Luxie 229 Tapered Blending
  • Luxie 213 Eye Shading
  • Luxie 221 Flat Definer
  • Luxie 201 Brow and Lash Spoolie
  • Luxie 160 Lip Brush

Violet Voss Pro HG Palette

Value:  $45.00

Find it here.

boxyluxe boxycharm violet voss hg palette 2 lipstickandnachos blog

For the past few months, I’ve been seeing images of gorgeous eyeshadow swatches from Violet Voss pop up on my Instagram feed.  I often save the images as a reminder to check out the brand but I then I get distracted by nachos or chocolate truffles and forget to place an order.  So it was fantastic to see in the Boxyluxe spoilers that we would be receiving a large and in charge size eyeshadow palette.

The palette itself has some weight to it and feels like a high end product.  It includes a large mirror with cute scalloped edge detailing.

boxyluxe boxycharm violet voss hg palette open lipstickandnachos blog

I was unable to find much brand information on Violet Voss but I did see that they are a cruelty free brand (yay!).  You can find their products at their company website and also at Sephora.  Their Pro HG Palette includes 20 super pigmented matte, metallic and satin eyeshadows that blend easily and have amazing color pay off. When blending the shadows, I found that they blended very easily without becoming patchy.  They also were long wearing.

The mattes and satins have more of a velvety texture versus a chalky texture so they are able to be built up without much difficulty.  Like many other brands’ shimmer shadows, some of those shades have a little bit of fall out.  I like to apply the shimmer shadows with either my finger or using a brush that has been dipped into the shadow and then lightly spritzed with a fixing spray.

boxyluxe boxycharm violet voss hg palette 1 lipstickandnachos blog

boxyluxe boxycharm violet voss hg palette swatches lipstickandnachos blog

violet voss eye look boxyluxe boxycharm lipstickandnachos

Overall, this is a fantastic palette that is versatile and would be perfect to create both subtle and sparkling looks.  I will sometimes try to be a completely different person and plan to do a more “natural” look.  But then my true self takes over and…

casual makeup funny meme lipstickandnachos blog

Tarteist Shimmering Lip Paint

Value:  $20.00

Find it here.

boxyluxe boxycharm tarte tarteist lip paint glitter lipstickandnachos blog

Here’s another fantastic lip product from Tarte.  I often live my life coating my lips in matte liquid lipsticks or those with a satin finish.  Lip gloss tends to feel sticky or messy on my mouth so I often go the lazy lip route and skip it.  But once in a while I find myself craving some shine on my pout.  Gloss really does sometimes seem to have magical powers by creating an optical illusion that your pout is larger than it really is.  So if you’re craving lip injections, maybe try tossing on some gloss first to sideline fillers.

I received the Shimmering Lip Paint in the shade Strike Gold.  The gloss itself is clear with super reflective pieces of gold glitter.  You can toss the gloss on your lips by itself or you can use it as a glistening topper over lipstick or a lip liner.  I love that the texture is comfy on my lips by having a good grip without being sticky like glue.  As far as lip glosses go, I found it lasted a pretty decent amount of time.

boxyluxe boxycharm tarte tarteist lip paint glitter applicator lipstickandnachos blog

But one of my favorite features of this gloss is it’s scent. Yum, yummy, yummiest!  It smells like a scrumptious vanilla cake topped with a cocoa frosting.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream

Value:  $89.00

Find it here.

boxyluxe boxycharm elemis pro marine collagen cream 1 lipstickandnachos blog

I am obsessed with skincare products.  I love trying new concoctions yet I often stick to my tried and true routine.  There  are so many products that flood the market promising to be the magic potion that will fix every single flaw and imperfection.  I take each of those claims with a handful of salt.  Once you start deep diving down the rabbit hole of skincare research, it’s easy to get lost and confused in the minutiae. But I do find that I’ve greatly benefited from doing my skincare due diligence over the years and my skin thanks me for it.

One fantastic benefit of beauty subscription services is that the boxes will sometimes include luxury skincare items that you might have otherwise never tried.  In this Boxyluxe box, Boxycharm included the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream from the brand Elemis.  Elemis is a cruelty-free UK-based brand that began in 1989 that owns spas worldwide and creates luxury skincare products.  I received the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream which costs an eye-popping $89 for 1 oz. of product.  Oh boy!  Is it worth the cost?  We shall see.  Here’s what Elemis boasts their Marine Cream will do for your skin:

elemis pro collagen marine cream

The first thing I noticed when I flipped the jar over is the misleading size.  Just look at the small cup holding the actual product in its packaging!  EIGHTY NINE DOLLARS!

boxyluxe boxycharm elemis pro marine collagen cream 2 lipstickandnachos blog

blanche golden girls skeptical gif

Yes, yes.  I am aware that it clearly states 1 oz. of product on the packaging but it really is misleading at first glance.  While we are on the subject of packaging, I really wish that skincare brands would stop creating jar products.  Jar packaging lessens the efficacy of the ingredients as soon as it is opened and continues to deteriorating each time you use it.  It also is less hygenic since your dipping directly into the product with each use which can introduce bacteria.  Yuck!  I always wash my hands and use a tiny spatula instead of my fingers with any jar products but I pretty much avoid purchasing jar packaging all together.  You can be a skincare nerd like me and get more informed about why jars should be ditched here.

So what are my thoughts on Elemis’s Pro-Collagen Marine Cream performance?  It feels amazing on the skin.  It’s a very thick cream that blends easily and absorbs nicely into the skin.  I’ve been applying this nightly for a few weeks now and I definitely notice it helping with hydration.  My skin feels much softer and moisturized throughout the day.  When I wake up, my skin feels slightly oily from the addition of the cream but that washes away when I wash my face.  I’ve had zero breakouts or irritation from the product.

There is a pretty strong scent to the cream.  Ugh!  When will luxury brands stop adding fragrance to their products?  Not only does the addition of fragrance sometimes irritate some users’ skin but some skincare studies also state that repeated use of products that include fragrances can do damage to the skin’s barrier over time.  You can get an idea of how much fragrance has been added to a product by how far up it is listed in the list of ingredients. Oooooh, Elemis, that fragrance is creeping near the middle of your list.  That is a pretty hefty amount of fragrance that I am not living for.

elemis pro collagen marine cream review lipstickandnachos blog

Will I continue to purchase Elemis’s Pro-Collagen Marine Cream?  Sadly, I most likely will not be purchasing it any time soon.  If they switch to a pump style packaging and remove the artificial fragrance, I would possibly save up my pennies and give it a go.  But until then, I can surely find other skincare creams that will have the same pros without the cons.

Lorac Pro Lash Pomade

Value:  $24.00

Find it here.

boxyluxe boxycharm lorac lash pomade lipstickandnachos blog

Most of us makeup lovers have those brands that were our first introduction into the prestige category of beauty products (those beauty brands typically sold in specialty stores such as Sephora, department stores and on television).  Remember how things used to be?  You would save up for one higher end makeup product and you would covet your purchase and feel like you were the bees knees.  Let’s be real.  You mean to tell me that after you made your very first Sephora in store purchase that you weren’t showing off that bag for all to see?

A zillion years ago, Lorac was one of the first brands I tried when I was dipping my toe in the more high end realm of makeup.  They had a range of quality products that performed like magic.  Lorac’s Front of the Line Pro Liquid Eyeliner gave make a rich and crisp cateye wing.  Then I fell in love with their Multiplex 3-D Lip Gloss that smelled incredible and covered your lips in the most stunning reflective gloss.  And I can’t forget to mention how their Pro Palette was a holy grail eyeshadow palette of so many makeup artists.

I don’t think I’ve ever tried a mascara from Lorac before but it’s very possible that I may have.  My quest for the perfect luscious lashes over the years has been a long and arduous journey.  I am always looking for volume and length without flaking or smudging.  Ahhhh…the smudging.  So many mascaras end up transferring to my lower eyelids.  It’s beyond frustrating.  I don’t reach for waterproof formulas because they are so darn difficult to remove and I like to spare my lashes from any unnecessary abuse.  Lately I’ve been loving Hourglass’s Caution Extreme Lash Mascara.  While it doesn’t leave my lashes super plump, it does not budge.  Ever.  And it isn’t a pain in the tush to remove.

So Lorac’s Pro Lash Pomade has got to deliver some volume and length without transferring to my lids in order to make it’s way into my daily routine.  Does it make the cut?

Here’s what Lorac has to say about their Pro Lash Pomade:

lorac pro lash pomade lipstickandnachos blog

boxyluxe boxycharm lorac lash pomade brush lipstickandnachos blog

The brush applicator is curved to give your lashes some lift.  I applied one coat of the pomade and it is a very wet formula.  I was fearing for my face if I would sneeze or blink my eyes where mascara would end up being splattered all over my skin.  Because the formula is so watery, it took a pretty long time to dry.  I let the first coat dry somewhat and attempted to build the product up.  The combination of the type of brush along with a wet formula ended up becoming clumpy.  The more layers I attempted to add, the more clumpy it became.  I wore the mascara for a few hours and it ended up transferring to my lower eyelids.  Bummer!  I was hoping for a mascara experience where the planets would align and I would have found my lash soulmate.  Unfortunately, it was never meant to be.

I still love you, Lorac.

Wander Beauty Wanderess Palette

Value:  $26.00

Find it here.

boxyluxe boxycharm wander beauty wanderess 1 lipstickandnachos blog

As I am getting older (sobbing internally), I mostly gravitate to cream highlighters and blushes.  Due to my often parched skin, I often avoid loading on powders that end up feeling dry and looking cakey.  However, that does not mean I don’t dabble in dusting my cheeks with some divine powders.

Wander Beauty’s Wanderess Dusk to Dawn blush and highlighter palette is a combination blush and eyeshadow palette that contains three shades:

  • Tuscan Sunrise:  A satin neutral peach
  • Havana Nights:  A satin dusty pink
  • City Lights:  A shimmery champagne gold

boxyluxe boxycharm wander beauty wanderess 2 lipstickandnachos blog

One benefit this palette provides is its versatility.  You can use these powders as eyeshadows as well.  Their texture is creamy and pack a powerful punch of color.  I would suggest going in with a light touch if you are using these as blush so you don’t end up looking like you’ve been dealing with a nasty sunburn.  You’ll find that these blend effortlessly without moving the foundation underneath.  The highlighter is slightly darker than I would typically wear on my fair skin.  But I love it as an inner corner eye highlight, under the brow bone or applying it all over the lid.  I wore these powders on my cheeks and lids for around 8 hours and they did not budge, fade or end up looking patchy.

I have one nit picky observation to point out. The pans are very narrow which makes it a bit of a challenge to easily pick up product with a larger brush.  Although the design looks schnazzy, I would have preferred wider or larger pans that made picking up product easier.

Spongelle Blossom Bliss Body Wash Buffer

Value:  $20.00

Find it here.

boxyluxe boxycharm spongelle blossom bliss lipstickandnachos blog

I absolutely love taking hot showers.  If there was some way that it wasn’t incredibly wasteful and turn me into a wrinkly raisin, I would love to take a seven hour long hot shower.  I, unintentionally, don’t often mention in my posts that I am disabled.  Living with chronic pain and mobility issues, I find that water can very therapeutic.  Hot showers and ever water therapy with a physical therapist has been some of the most beneficial treatment I have experienced.

I sometimes have difficulty holding and using everyday objects which of course includes slippery bars of soap.  I feel like I’m setting myself up to tell you a dirty joke but I’m not.  Get your mind out of the gutter!  I’m keeping this post clean.  After, all, we are talking about soap.  Ok, ok.  That was a cheesy joke.

I received a Spongelle buffer sponge in a previous Boxycharm.  These buffers are sponges contain a built-in hydrating body wash.  You simply use the sponge in the shower or the bath and massage it over your skin to cleanse and exfoliate.  They have a variety of fragrances and Spongelle claims that the sponge will keep working for 14+ uses.  These luscious buffers are very fragrant.  I could smell the fragrance as soon as I opened my Boxyluxe box.  The Blossom Bliss scent is a limited edition Spongelle and Boxycharm collaboration and appears to cost $4.00 more than their other sponges.  The sponge does make it easier for my clumsy hands to use and the body wash leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrated.  I love using the buffer prior to shaving my legs.

I am a germaphobe so I am a bit fanatical about making sure any type of sponge that I use isn’t a petri dish loaded with bacteria.  Hopefully my paranoia will save my life one day or prevent me from getting a nasty rash.  Spongelle advises to squeeze out the excess water after use.  I personally then store it away from the bathtub so it’s not absorbing more moisture.  It may not be doing anything meaningful but it makes my brain feel reassured.

PYT Mini Ceramic Styler

Value:  $75.00

Find it here.

boxyluxe boxycharm pyt flat iron lipstickandnachos blog

Wowzers!  Boxycharm included a $75.00 mini flat iron in the box!  My hair is very, very fine and is slightly frizzy and wavy.  I’ve been growing out my hair this past year but I am tempted to cut it again most days.  If I am wearing my hair down, I will almost always use a flat iron to smooth out the waves and fly aways.  Ever since I was little, I was so envious of my friends who had the type of hair that allowed them to simply brush and go with locks that looked effortlessly perfect.  Yeah, that was never me nor will it ever be me.  So a life-long relationship with occasionally using hot tools is my destiny.

PYT’s mini ceramic styler is 0.50″ wide and is made with 100% high grade ceramic floating plates that can reach a maximum temperature of 400˚F / 200˚C.   The iron also has a 360˚ swivel cord so it’s easy to maneuver as you work around your head.  It comes with a travel bag that doubles as a heat mat.  I love this since I really don’t love burning my bedding or countertops when using a flat iron.  Safety first!

The small size of the iron allows you to get very close to your roots so you can straighten even the tiniest stray baby hairs.  It’s also pretty convenient for straightening my short bangs.  Since the iron is so small, it does take longer to straighten all of my hair.  But it’s perfect to take with you on the go, for travelling and when you’re a hot mess after a workout at the gym.

Crimes of Beauty Wristlet and Portable Charger

Value:  $22.00

Find it here.

boxyluxe boxycharm glam af bag crimes of beauty lipstickandnachos blog

Crimes of Beauty?  Who are you?  Where did you come from?  I wasn’t familiar with the brand before Boxycharm included them in this box.  From what I read on their site, Crimes of Beauty is an apparel and accessory line that “featuring clever and creative sayings teasing the “parodies” of the beauty industry”.  It seems like a fun niche product line that takes both celebrates makeup without taking itself too seriously.

I must admit that I have a ridiculous number of glam bags from Ipsy.  But I still love receiving them because I end up using each of them or gifting them to friends.  This bag feels well-made with a leather-like texture.  Its 8.75″ x 5″ size is perfect for taking what you need with you if you want to leave your purse or backpack at home.  I like smaller bags sometimes because it forces me to face the realization that I really do not need to carry 99% of the crap that I do with me on a regular basis.

The portable battery charger is awesome.  It’s thin and is a little larger than the size of a credit card which makes it perfect for taking it with you on the go.  My phone battery is constantly dying and I’m always in need of charging my phone so this is a life saver.

Congrats!  You Reached the End!

Heavens to Betsy!  This was a long post!  Well, it wouldn’t have been so lengthy if Boxycharm didn’t send me so many products in my first Boxyluxe box.  The nerve!  Just kidding.  I am ecstatic over this upgraded box and can’t wait until the next large and in charge box arrives at my door.  Do you receive Boxycharm or Boxyluxe?  If you did, let me know what you snagged.

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