In a Flurry Snowy Makeup

I’ve been having a crazy couple of weeks!  Our pug puppy Polly was spayed and had surgery to open up her nostrils a couple of weeks ago.  We knew that she would need to wear a cone while she healed but whoa doggy.  What a pain in the tush for both Polly and her humans to deal with the cone.

Polly cone

We were counting down the days one by one until the dreaded cone of shame came off. Then, on the night before her follow-up veterinary appointment, our cat Winston the Dragon Slayer scratched Polly’s eye!  Poor Polly was pitiful and ended up needing to wear the cone for a few more days.   She also required drops in her eyes every one to two hours.  You can imagine the challenge of trying to wrangle a wiggly pug puppy hourly to put drops in a painful eye.

Not fun.

Angry pug gif

To relieve some stress, I started playing around with some makeup and mindlessly slapped on shadows and liners to create…I don’t know what you would call this…an alien in a snow storm?

My hands tremor form my autoimmune disease so I used washi tape as a stencil to create snowflakes.  My favorite product that I used to create this snowy look is the Inglot AMC Gel Liners.  They are super pigmented and dry down the an opaque matte finish that stays in place.

Stay tuned for more holiday looks comin’ atchya!

snowflake makeup look 2 lipstick and nachos


A light wash of Graftobian Pro Paint in the shade White Swan.

Ghost Powder from Makeup Revolution.


Sugarpill Cosmetics – Pressed eyeshadow shades Ice Angel, Kim Chi and the loose shadow in Magpie.

ColourPop Super Shock Blush in the shade Thumper.

AMG Eyeliner Gels from INGLOT in the shades #76 and #88.  I used these to create the snowflakes and on my eyelashes.


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