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Juvia’s Place Masquerade Palette

Color. Like a moth to a big, glowing flame, it pulls me in when shopping for new makeup. I’m not the girl who is reaching for a neutral palette most days. You’ll usually find me spackling on a reflective silver pigment paired with a severe winged liner even for running simple errands like grocery shopping. Is it a problem that you can sometimes see the reflection of shine on my eyelids from outer space? No! It’s no problem for me! Anytime I come across a new product that can drench my lids in vibrant hues, I’m all in. So let’s talk about Juvia’s Place.
I first discovered the Juvia’s Place Masquerade Palette while watching a tutorial by the always delightful Kathleenlights, a delightful and charming beauty guru on YouTube.  She’s hilarious, relatable and seems pretty down-to-earth for a YouTuber with over 3 million followers.  I have followed her for a couple of years and she has not changed.  When I saw the tutorial photo with electric blue shadow beaming through the screen, it took me about a nanosecond to click on the video.  I had to know where to get these luscious shades.


Image Source:  KathleenLights YouTube

After watching her holding up the palette, I was skeptical that the color payoff would be average.  The palette was huge in size (seriously, it appeared larger than the size of Kathleen’s head) yet the price was reasonable. The colors looked gorgeous in their pans.  It seemed too good to be true. But as Kathleen applied the pigments to her lids, the pigmentation was so rich and opaque that I immediately knew I needed to get my paws on this palette.
Who is Juvia’s Place? Juvia’s Place is a newer boutique brand founded by Nigerian-born Chichi Eburu. Eburu creates beautiful product that aim to represent black culture. Her company started with producing makeup brushes and then expanded into eyeshadow palettes that quickly caught the eyes of many other top beauty gurus on Youtube and Instagram. With only $2,000, Eburu started her company and lucky for the beauty world, it’s been thriving.
While exploring Julia’s Place’s site, you’ll find brushes, single eyeshadows, palettes and brushes. I purchased the Masquerade Palette. The palette is available in the size Large for $35 and the Mini for $28. Since I was trying out the product for the first time, I chose to go with the Mini. Each size comes with the same 16 shades. My package arrived super fast and I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was much larger than I thought it would be.

juvias place palette cover.jpg

Flip open the lid illustrated with Queen Nefertiti to reveal some of the most gorgeous colors that I have seen paired together in a single palette. I had to be careful let my tears of joy fall on the eyeshadows as I wept in happiness!

juvias place masquerade palette

juvias place palette diagonal

*Keep scrolling below to see swatches*

I slapped on some of my NYX HD High Definition Eyeshadow Base primer first. As with all eye product applications, I always recommend applying a primer first. I dipped my brush into with pan dry and applied a matte shade on one eye and a shimmer shade on the other. These shadows go on super smooth and give a powerful punch of color. The shimmer shades feel slightly more buttery and build color easier.
If you want a more intense color impact, wet your brush with a setting spray and then apply. Since these shadows are so pigmented, be sure to tap the excess powder off of your brush prior to application to minimize fall out on your cheeks.

I set my makeup with a setting spray. The shadow stayed in place for at least 8 hours and remained flawless with very minimal fading. I didn’t experience and creasing or smudging. I applied a liquid liner on top of the shadow and I was happy to see that the shadow didn’t transfer onto the liner. That is a big pet peeve that happens to me from time to time.

Oh Juvia’s Place, you are one of my new favorite makeup companies. I can’t wait to try more of their products and it’s always good to support small businesses. Added bonus: Juvia’s Place does not test on animals.  Go ahead and drench yourself in color.  Your eyelids will thank you.

*All swatches applied to dry, unprimed skin using finger application. Photos taken under natural sunlight.

juvias place palette swatch 1.jpg

juvias place palette swatch 2juvias place palette swatch 3

juvias place palette swatch 4

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