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In the Rotation: Faves by NYX

lipstickandnachos nyx favorites

Years ago, I was walking though the makeup aisle with a friend who moonlighted as a drag queen.  He suddenly stopped in his tracks and started excitedly grabbing what seemed like a hundred lipsticks off of the shelves.  A stream of consciousness flowed from his lips gushing about his love of the brand NYX.  I was instantly intrigued and snagged a few of the products that my friend had insisted on me buying.  And that was it.  I was hooked.  Not only does NYX produce some pretty good quality products that are accessible to the masses, but they are also cruelty-free.  Recently, I’ve decided to go cruelty-free when purchasing beauty products.  This is especially challenging when purchasing makeup from the drugstore.  But NYX soothes my drugstore woes by being accessible while remaining affordable.  I use their products in most of my makeup routines so I’m sharing some of my favorites that I use on a regular basis.  Some of the products below are newer to the brand but some are some oldies but goodies.  Check out NYX here.

Dose of Dew

A newbie with NYX, Dose of Dew is a face gloss that promises a dewy glow without leaving you looking like an oily mess.  I wasn’t sure about this product at first.  Its texture is very emollient so I was afraid it was going to be a slippery-slidy  mess on my face.  But after applying it to my skin, it stayed in place.  My skin tone is on the fair side so the glow from this gloss stick is more on the subtle side.  After swiping on the tops of my cheekbones, I  gently blend the edges to reveal a subtle dewy finish.  While this won’t give you a highlight seen from Mars, this will give you a healthy glow.  You can use this as a base under a highlight for a super sheen.

lipstickandnachos nyx dose of dewlipstickandnachos dose of dew openlipstickandnachos nyx dose of dew swatch

NYX Vivid Brights Liquid Eyeliners

Gimme some color!  NYX added Vivid Brights to their line over a year ago and are a favorite liner in my collection.  I have been wearing liquid eyeliner that at times I feel like I was born with it on.  While my go-to liner is usually black, from time to time I like to change it up with a pop of color.  When I first watched the Vivid Brights on the back of my hand, I applied a very heavy line with a thick layer of product.  The liner started to crack and in an instant my feeling of excitement went to being bummed out.  Frustrated, I ran the brush on the opening of the tube to wipe away excess product.  After applying it again to my hand with less product, the liner dried to smoothly and consistently.  The color is opaque and very pigmented.  I like to draw a line of this liner above NYX’s matte black liquid liner to add a pop of color while creating extra definition to my lash line.  But it provides a bright flash of color on it’s own when paired either with neutral or colorful shadows.  It’s long-wearing and doesn’t crack on my lid.

lipstickandnachos nyx vivid brights eyelinerlipstickandnachos nyx vivid brights eyeliner swatches


Matte Liquid Liner

This eyeliner is pretty much a main staple in my everyday makeup routine.  Similar to the Vivid Brights Liner, the Matte Liquid Liner is a black eyeliner with a finer brush applicator.  I love how rich the opacity is and its applicator allows you to create the perfect winged eye.  It dries down to a matte finish and stays in place for hours without fading.  Such a fabulously affordable black liquid liner.

lipstickandnachos black matte liquid eyeliner

Micro Brow Pencil

Brows are arguably one of the most important features of your face.  Your makeup can look stunning but a jacked-up brow can leave you looking like a hot mess.  Some have said that this pencil is a pretty good dupe for the Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills, which will cost you a pricier $21.  NYX’s Micro Brow costs $10 but you can often snag it for less dough with a coupon code or when it’s on sale.  The stick of product is very tiny like the Brow Wiz pencil so it allows you to do detail work creating a much more natural brow.  It feels like there is a decent amount of wax content which helps to keep the brow hairs in place.  The spoolie is nice and soft so that you can manipulate the product without wiping it all away.

lipstickandnachos nyx microw brow.jpg

Retractable White Eyeliner

Ever have a late night and someone the next day points out that you look tired?  Oh.  Why, thank you.  Thank you for pointing out that look like crap.  Sure.  It’s happened to all of us.  But with a little bit of white eyeliner, you can trick the universe by looking like you weren’t up all night binge-watching the latest Netflix series.  Tossing some white eyeliner in your waterline (inside the rim of your lower eyelid) can not only make your eyes appear larger, it also can make you look more awake.  Give your tired eyes a lift.  I love that this pencil is retractable.  I loathe sharpening pencils.  It’s formula is smooth and applies easily to your waterline and stays put for hours.

lipstickandnachos white eyeliner

HD Eye Primer and Proof It! Primer

Eyeshadow primers are super duper important for locking your shadow in place while also helping to create a better color payoff.  I used to always use Urban Decay’s pricey Primer Potion.  It was my go-to primer and I wouldn’t even bat an eyelash at any other brands.  But on a whim one day, I ordered NYX’s HD eyeshadow primer.  It was much more affordable and performed just as well as my beloved Primer Potion.  That’s always a fabulous victory when I find the perfect dupe.  My shadow stays put longer and its color looks more true with this gem of a primer.

I then gave the Proof It! Primer a whirl for those days where the humidity is out of control and I want some extra insurance on my lids.  This primer means business.  It locks my shadow in place so it doesn’t budge.

lipstickandnachos ny eyeshadow primerlipstickandnachos waterproof it eyeshadow primer

Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

As a matte liquid lipstick lover, I am always on the hunt for the perfect lipstick that dries matte but is also comfy.  Why can’t we have the best of both worlds?!  Let me tell you, there’s nothing more attractive than dried, cracked lips.  The lips that look like you spray painted them and then hit them with a sand blaster leaving remnants of flakes of paint.  Oh yes…that just makes someone want to run up and give you a big ol’ smooch.



But luckily there are a few lipsticks out there that leave your lips looking like velvet without leaving you feeling like you have dried glue stuck on your kisser.  NYX’s Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick provides beautiful, opaque color that is much more comfy than many other brands.  The applicator is a long, flattened paddle shape that helps to make the application much easier.  The color goes on consistently and stays put for hours.  It has a velvety matte finish without zapping the moisture from your lips.  Pucker up, buttercup.

lipstickandnachos nyx liquid suede

lipstickandnachos nyx liquid suede wand

lipstickandnachos nyx liquid suede swatches

Soft Matte Lip Cream

Another matte lipstick with a smooth finish that is super comfy to wear?  I’ll take it!  The matte lip creams are easy to fall in love with.  The moussey formula feels lightweight on your lips but stays put.  They have a traditional doe foot applicator and smell and taste like vanilla cookie deliciousness.  Although these lip creams are not completely transfer-proof, they dry down completely matte while staying on your lips for a long time.  They fade gracefully after hours of wear.  You can snag these in an array of shades from neutral browns to electric pinks.  You’ll want one in every shade.

lipstickandnachos nyx soft matte lip creamlipstickandnachos nyx soft matte lip cream 2lipstickandnachos nyx addis ababa

Butter Gloss

Luscious lips.  You want ’em.  I want ’em.   We all do.  The trend of matte lipsticks seems to be one that is here to stay.  But one of the biggest gripes of those matte lip loyalists (like me) is the comfort factor.  So tossing on a lip gloss after wearing a dry formula for months can leave your lips feeling like they were rehydrated with IV fluids.

Unscrew the cap of NYX’s Butter Gloss and you’ll immediately start craving vanilla cake.  It’s super yummy scent is divine with a taste to match.  The applicator is a traditional doe foot.  I personally like a lip gloss that has a bit of opacity so I can wear it on it’s own and still have a pop of color.  This product provides a glimmering wash of color but also creates a gorgeous shine.  I also love that the formula isn’t sticky.  Some brands have lip glosses that leave you feeling like you stuck a roll of fly tape to your lips.  Not the Butter Gloss.  It has a wonderful grip that stays in place without sliding all over your face.  It’s pretty on its own or it can be worn on top of your favorite lipstick.  It’s long wearing and gives your lips a divine sheen.

lipstickandnachos butter gloss maple brownie

lipstickandnachos nyx butter gloss maple brownie swatch.jpg

Whipped Lip & Cheek Souffle

I wrote all about my love for the Whipped Lip & Cheek Souffle in my review of last month’s Ipsy bag.  Check it out here.

ipsy nyx whipped blushipsy nyx whipped blush swatches

There you have it!  Some of my favorite oldies and newbies from NYX Cosmetics that are in my makeup rotation.  What are some of your NYX faves?  Smooch!




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