Boxycharm – Goal Digger

Boxycharm Goal Digger November 2018 Lipstick and Nachos 2

Bonjour!  It’s that fabulous Boxy time of the month again. I received my Boxycharm a few days early which was a sweet surprise.  It’s also November and I previously mentioned that I couldn’t wait for the leaves to change.  We live in northeastern Pennsylvania so around this time of year the trees put on quite a display of vivid colors.  I was stuck inside our apartment due to my lame autoimmune disease so I missed the peak changing of the leaves, but I did catch some of the leaves on the trees as they were nearing the tail end of their big show.  I’ve also been comforting my tale of woe of being stuck at home by eating an assortment of fall treats.  Have I lost any fillings from chomping down on a boat-load of caramel apples?  Not yet.

I had a blast creating spooky and sassy looks last month.  Halloween is over but that doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up your makeup and hide it away until next year.  Embrace your creepy to cutesie makeup transformations all year round.  My monthly supply of subscription boxes keeps me on my creative toes with bombarding me with new products to try on a regular basis.

Goal Digger

This month’s Boxycharm theme is Goal Digger and it is chock full of fantastic finds.  The total value of the version I received is worth just under $110.00.  Not too shabby!

If you’ve never heard of Boxycharm, it’s a luxury beauty subscription service for $21 per month or less if your purchase multiple months up front.  You’ll receive 5-6 items in each box and at least 4 of them will be full-size.  Each box is usually valued at a minimum of $100 which is just awesome.  They now also have a new upgrade option called Boxyluxe where you pay an additional $28.99 for a box containing products with a value totaling at least $250. I am currently on the wait list with crossed fingers that I will receive December’s Boxyluxe.

Check out the detail on Boxycharm here.

Just a heads up…this post is LONG.  Here’s what I snagged in this month’s box:

Ace Beaute Grandiose Eyeshadow Palette

Value:  $24.99

Ace Beaute’s Grandiose palette’s color story speaks to my soul!  First of all, the packaging is so darn purdy.  Its gold embossed case gives me some Great Gatsby vibes.  But you can’t judge a book by its cover…or shadows by their packaging.  So does the Grandiose palette deliver the magic?  Yes.  Yes it does.

The palette includes four shimmer and four matte eyeshadows.  Their shadows pack a powerful punch of color while blending easily.  I experienced zero patchiness or fading throughout the day.  The shimmer shades create beautiful sparkles when dry and you can amp up their gleam when applied wet.  The matte shadows feel buttery and layer easily with the shimmer shades.

Ace Beauty Grandiose Eyeshadow Palette Boxycharm Lipstick and Nachos

Ace Beauty Grandiose Palette Swatches Boxycharm Lipstick and Nachos

Here are two different looks I created from the same palette.  Purdy in pink and saucy and spicy.  I predict this palette is going to become a new favorite in my makeup collection.

Find the Grandiose palette here.

Ace Beauty Grandiose Eyeshadow Palette Boxycharm Look Lipstick and Nachos 2

Ace Beauty Grandiose Eyeshadow Palette Boxycharm Look Lipstick and Nachos 3

Luxie Luminous Eye Set

Value:  $21.00

If you’ve read any of my previous posts on Luxie Brushes, you’re aware of my love of the brand.  Boycharm and Ipsy often send out Luxie brushes and I am stoked every time I receive them.  My brush collection keeps growing for a fraction of the cost of what I would have spent on them at full price.

You’ve probably seen images of their pink handle brushes floating around in a zillion social media posts.  Luxie creates vegan and cruelty-free brushes that have super duper soft synthetic bristles with and assortment of beautiful handles.  Functional and easy on the eyes tools?  Yes please!  I own a variety of brushes from a few of their different collections and display them in vintage glassware.

The Luminous Eye Set in this month’s box is a limited edition set of four small brushes that are perfect for precision application. Their bristles are durable and have zero shedding.  Plus, their handles are a glitzy, glittery gold.

Boxycharm Goal Digger Luxies Gold Glitter Brushes Lipstick and Nachos

“LUXIE 111 Mini Flat Angled – Smudge, blend out harsh lines, or densely pack on cream products onto your lids.

LUXIE 121 Mini Tapered – Use this small fluffy blending brush to blend out your crease color with your favorite powder shadows.

LUXIE 131 Mini Angled –  Use this brush’s perfect angle to bevel the natural curves of your eye or brow bone for that extra pop.

LUXIE 141 Mini Round – Use this brush to smudge and smoke out your bottom lash line with your favorite cream or powder products without compromising the intensity of the pigment.”

Find the Luxie Luminous Eye Set here.

Boxycharm Goal Digger Luxie Gold Glitter Brushes 3 Lipstick and Nachos

Boxycharm Goal Digger Luxie Gold Glitter Brushes 2 Lipstick and Nachos

Cover FX Glitter Drops

Value:  $44.00

For quite some time, I had seen images floating around Instagram countless times showing cheekbones adorned with stunning highlights.  Each time the photo caption would say “Highlight:  Cover FX Glitter Drops”.  So I would pop on over to the Cover FX site and find these magical drops…and melancholy would set in.  Forty four dollars.  BUMMER.  That is quite pricey for a highlighter.  I would then try to justify the cost by telling myself that the product is versatile.  The Glitter Drops can be used alone, under or over makeup, mixed in to foundation and even on the body.  I own so much makeup that I refused to spend nearly fifty bucks on a product that I truly didn’t need.

Much to my surprise, I received the Glitter Drops in this month’s box.  Hurray!  Now here’s the gabillion dollar question:  Would the drops live up to the hype and price?

My first impression was that a little bit of product goes a ridiculously long way.  On my first attempt of dispensing the liquid, two drops massaged onto my skin covered the entire back of my hand.  It is a stunning coppery-gold color that is loaded with tons of micro glitter.  At a distance, it almost appears metallic but upon a closer glance, you can definitelt see loads of glitter. I love glitter for certain things but a glittery highlight is not my fave.  I prefer a shimmer to a glitter as glitter may accentuate any texture on my skin.

Boxycharm Goal Digger Cover FX Glitter Drops Lipstick and Nachos

Boxycharm Goal Digger Cover FX Glitter Drops Dropper Lipstick and Nachos

I applied the drops using my fingertips in a tapping motion as a highlight on top of my foundation.  It created a glittery sheen that had me creating my own real-life Instagram Boomerang in the mirror.  You do have to be careful to not apply too much product at once if you aren’t looking to have a gold stripe of glitter on your cheekbone.  Also be gentle with your fingers as it can tend to lift the foundation underneath during application.

I really prefer to wear this on my eyes.  The drops coat your lids with a metallic glittery sheen that is stunning.  I haven’t tried this on my body since it’s too chilly out for me to bare some skin but I think in the summer, this will be a staple in my beauty routine.

Find the Glitter Drops here.

Boxycharm Goal Digger Cover FX Glitter Drops Swatch Lipstick and Nachos

Lashaholic Luxury Lashes

Value:  $14.99

False lashes.  How I love and loathe thee.  I have tremors due to my autoimmune illness, which makes applying makeup a challenging task that takes a lot of trick, tools and patience.  So you can then imagine that applying false eyelashes is a large pain in the tush for me.  Years ago, prior to developing shaky hands, I would occasionally dabble in applying false lashes.  I love the way that they look.  Full, feathery lashes in customizable shapes, lengths and colors that could elevate my makeup to the next level of awesomeness.

Although I loved the way that lashes looked, I often did not enjoy the way that they felt on my lids.  Sometimes they would break loose from my lid and poke me in the corner of my eye.  Then there would be the occasional mishaps with the glue that would result in lashes being plucked out.  It wouldn’t be surprising during those days to see me staring at the false lash remnants in my hands contemplating my poor makeup and life choices.  These unfortunate events would cause long hiatuses (which ended up being years) of tossing out my false lashes and sticking to mascara.

Boxycharm Goal Digger Lashaholic False Lashes 1 Lipstick and Nachos

And then beauty subscription boxes entered my life that would occasionally send a set of lashes.  Even though my hands shake, I try not to let that stop me from at least attempting to do whatever the heck I want to do with my makeup.  Is it always perfect?  No.  But it just feels so boring not to at least try.

Lashaholic’s Luxury Lashes come in a gorgeous little box that has loads of gold glitter on the outside and inside of the box.  I received the style Instaglam, a wispy pair of lashes that would be perfect to wear day or night.  The lashes are vegan, made from 100% silk fibers and have a medium thickness level.

I managed to get my paws on some Duo lash glue and clumsily applied the lashes.  They were surprisingly comfortable and gave my eyes more of a doe-eyed look.  Perhaps I will have to get back on the false lashes horse.

Find Lashaholic Luxury Lashes here.

Boxycharm Goal Digger Lashaholic False Lashes 2 Lipstick and Nachos

Jonteblu Glittering Star Eyeliner

Value:  $5.00

I love a glitter liner.  Any type of eye product that mixes the glitter into the product to make the application less messy is right up my alley.  Jonteblu’s Glittering Star Eyeliner is a black eyeliner that has silver flecks of glitter mixed into the pencil.

The formula provides a rich black pigment and you can really see the glitter come through.  I found that the product stayed on for a few hours before fading and stayed in place.

I do wish that the pencil was not a wood pencil.  I prefer retractable packaging because, and this sounds so lazy, I just hate sharpening pencils.  I also always feel as though I’m wasting product unnecessarily.  You may find this product a bit crumbly as well so go in with a light hand.

Overall, for five bucks, this is a fun product to add some sparkle to your lids in a jiffy.

Find Jonteblu’s Glittering Star Eyeliner here.

Boxycharm Goal Digger Jonteblu Glitter Star Eyeliner Lipstick and Nachos

Boxycharm Goal Digger Jonteblu Glitter Star Eyeliner 2 Lipstick and Nachos

Boxycharm Goal Digger Jonteblu Glitter Star Eyeliner Swatch Lipstick and Nachos

Did I dig this month’s Boxycharm?

Overall, this was another fabulous month from Boxycharm.  I hope that luck is on my side for next month and I get off of the darn wait list for Boxyluxe.  Santa, please bring me a super duper awesome box in time for Christmas.

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